Beachfront Destination Wedding

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After meeting them the day before at their Rehersal / Engagement Session, I knew I would have a great time at B&B’s wedding. Becky & Blake’s destination wedding day began at Hyatt House Hotel. As I entered the room of the bride, I adored the elegance within the simplicity of her accessories — perfect for an outdoor beach wedding. Her bridesmaids and family members were all eager to help Becky get ready while showering her with compliments. The same excitement was felt at Blake’s room, where I also spent a few minutes capturing candids of him getting ready with the help of his groomsmen. Arriving at the beach just before sunset, the bridal party started walking down the aisle and I was surprised by their grandmother as the flower girl. To the sound of waves and live strings music, the bride met the groom at the beachfront altar. Blake and Becky had an emotive ceremony where their family and friends who shared beautiful words with the couple and finally, the bride and groom shared their own handwritten vows. We were blessed with a stunning sunset for photos at the beach right after the ceremony and as night fell, Blake and Becky joined their loved ones at Soleil Beach Club to continue celebrating.
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