Dreamy Hacienda Siesta Alegre Wedding

boda-en-hacienda-siesta-alegre-rio-grande 19When a wedding is so perfectly dreamy, it’s hard to put into words. At Hacienda Siesta Alegre, joy was felt from the very beginning as I captured the groom getting ready. Roberto couldn’t help but grin as I told him the bride looked gorgeous. At the bride’s suite, Sigrid had the same reaction when I mentioned the groom. When the ceremony initiated, the bride and grooms faces where priceless when they finally saw each other. I had to hold my jaw from dropping as I witnessed the sun beautifully bathing Sigrid & Roberto as they read their original vows. After strolling through the green, lush areas of the hacienda the newlyweds enjoyed their first dance during the sunset. It was cute to watch their nephews and nieces join them in the dance floor. S&R, not being a very traditional couple, kept their protocol short and danced away the rest of the night. I loved capturing every moment of Sigrid and Roberto’s day, whom I wish an eternity of happiness. Thank you for being so amazing to work with! 

Vendors List
Wedding Planner & Decor: Luciano Designer
Wedding Cake: Sabe a Gloria
Make-up & hair: Makeup By Lory
Wedding Dress: Zac Posen, David’s Bridal
Venue: Hacienda Siesta Alegre Inn, Río Grande

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