Gorgeous Love Story at Castillo Serrallés

castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 1When planning an engagement session picking the right location is key. Luckily, living in Puerto Rico, we are blessed with many choices. Castillo Serrallés is a historic venue immersed in green with a spectacular view of Ponce. When J&F told me about their selection, I couldn’t be more excited to create their photos. We also had the opportunity to shoot at the nearby Japanese Garden and shared the experience of visiting the areas for the first time. It was a challenge to select favorites from this gorgeous session, as Jessica and Fernando are simply adorable. Can’t wait for their September wedding!
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 2
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 3
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 4
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 5
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 6
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 7
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 8
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 9
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 10
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 11
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 12
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 13
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 14
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 15
castillo-serralles-lovestory-wedding-photographer 16