Rustic Wedding at Jardines del Castillo

Where to begin writing about this heartwarming union? It started as a very rainy day but as I made my way to the venue the sun started shining perfectly for Alexandra & Alexis’ outdoor ceremony. Minutes into photographing Alexandra getting ready, my assistant and I were already needing napkins. The bride walked down the aisle to an instrumental Lana del Rey’s ‘Young & Beautiful’  and as soon as Alexis saw her, his reaction was so moving! The sun set as they said their I-do’s between a mix of laughter and tears. After the couple signed their certificate, we strolled around Jardines del Castillo for a nighttime newlywed session. Their reception was full of emotive moments and plenty of dancing, but more importantly, the love of their family members and friends. I’m happy to have been able to create these memories for A&A, who were amazing to work with!

Vendors List

Wedding Dresses: Groupdress 
Bride’s accessories: Kim D’or
Cake: Lourdes Ceballos
Planner & decor: Christian Rivera
Venue (Getting ready – Reception): Los Jardines del Castillo

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