Castillo San Cristobal Love Story

Through photography, I have grown by connecting with beautifully diverse people. Becoming a part of people’s stories and admiring their happiness is enriching. When Angel & Axel chose me as their wedding photographer, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. How amazing is it that my first same sex couple is cute AND super sweet to each other? After some rainy island days, we scheduled their engagement session at Castillo San Cristobal in Old San Juan (with a quick trip to the beach). The afternoon with them was lovely, here are some of my favorite moments:
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 13
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 14
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 1
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 10
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 4
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 9
San Cristobal Engagement Session
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 5
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 12
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 6
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 7
puerto-rico-gay-engagement-session-lgbt-wedding-photographer 3