Wanderlust Wedding at Los Lagos Club, Palmas del Mar

I had to blog again about Angelynette & Elvin after their Engagement because their love is just too cute! A&E share a passion for travel so they decided to incorporate their wanderlust into their wedding. As I arrived to Los Lagos at Palmas del Mar, I loved their creative world map seating chart. Their tulip adorned centerpieces even included cards with interesting facts about different cultures! Although their plans for an outdoor ceremony had to be altered (unexpected rain), the couple exchanged roses with their vows and said their I-do’s smiling radiantly at the venue’s terrace. Fortunately, rain subsided after their first kiss as husband and wife, allowing for their sweet semi-outdoor reception. Every minute of the evening, the newlyweds focused on what I believe matters the most in a wedding: celebrating! As they say for travelers: “It doesn’t mater where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.”
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P.S. It definitely was a challenging experience to capture this ceremony as it poured intensely (with strong wind) as my assistant held on to a tent the bride had brought as a backup plan. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Kudos to the amazing bride & my assistant!