Sunflower Farm Engagement Session

I love it when I instantly ‘click’ with a couple like Sigrid & Roberto. Upon discussing their wedding plans, the couple asked about locations I’d love to shoot at and the sunflower farm was one of my first mentions. Their rustic wedding theme seemed perfect for a colorful outdoor location (okay, I admit I was a bit biased because sunflowers are my favorite). Once we met a Guánica for the session, I adored S&R’s chemistry and how natural it was to capture their love. Sigrid and Roberto can’t help but smile between passionate glances. At the session, I noticed both future bride and groom wore engagement rings. “Just because it’s a tradition it doesn’t mean it’s right”, explained Sigrid as she told me how she also proposed to Roberto. “When he proposed, I decided to do something special for him too. I explained how we’re equals, we’re a team and I wanted to share the excitement of the engagement for both of us”. After this beautiful Love Story @ Finca de Girasoles de Guánica, I’m getting ready to swoon at their upcoming wedding.