A Love Story of How They Met at UPR

Nothing beats having your engagement session at the place where it all began. Seriously, it’s magic! Janice & Josean’s relationship blossomed at University of Puerto Rico, where they both earned their degrees. “It started through a mutual friend” the soon-to-be-groom told me “We didn’t like each other at first, but then I saw her in the hallway, and again when we took some classes together…” Being a graduate of the UPR myself, I was excited to capture this session at our Alma mater’s beautiful campus. It was adorable how many moments Janice relived as we strolled during the session. “This is where we became boyfriend & girlfriend!” she said with a smile as we turned close to the clock tower. As you can guess, photographing how amazingly cute J&J are together wasn’t a hard task. It was a rainy day that turned out to be one of the most romantic engagement sessions I’ve captured. Can’t wait for their big day in 2016!