Beach Surprise Proposal at Cabo Rojo

It all began when José contacted me via Instagram with an idea: he planned a surprise proposal in Puerto Rico when visiting close to the holidays. He’d propose to Mireya at their hotel just before dinner with the perfect sunset. We had a master plan. I would be camouflaged pretending to be a hotel guest, wearing oh-so-casual beach attire. Then, we were faced with an unexpected turn of events: RAIN! Only a few hours in we had to plan (without Mireya finding out we were texting) for an alternate location. We switched to a favorite scenic location: Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. José hadn’t visited the area, and it was Mireya’s first time in Puerto Rico…but we coordinated effortlessly. As I waited, I felt my hands shaking the whole time. I can’t imagine how José was feeling! Of course, Mireya said yes and it was simply magical. How couldn’t it be with such an amazing view? See it below: