Our tips for your session

I wanted to share these photoshoot tips because I see photos are important heirlooms – they eternalize the present moment for generations to come. With today’s technology and our advanced digital equipment, it’s not only become more accessible to hang them on your wall – but also to share them with family and friends no matter the distance.

One of the Most Important Photoshoot Tips – Hire the Right Photographer for your Vision and Style

However, having a professional photographer with the vision and style that appeals to you is the first of many steps towards a successful photo shoot.

What to wear for the photoshoot?

Your taste in fashion is important but some clothes photograph better than the rest. It’s important that you pick comfortable clothes – if you are uncomfortable, this will be noticeable in the photos. Looking happy and feeling relaxed is key!

Also, remember that all photoshoot tips should apply to many factors. How casual or “dressed up” your outfit should be also depends on location – is it a beach, park, forest? If we are going to the beach or forest, heels are not a good idea. Be practical. Pick timeless clothes that won’t look too dated in 20 years – buttoned shirts and jeans, or semi-formal pants and dresses usually work well. Remember matching shoes are also important. Going shoeless for the beach shoots also works.

Tips on what to wear for a Photography Session

It all about the colors – Photoshoot Tips

For a shoot, its important to be coordinated. This doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the same tops and pants. The most visually pleasing shots are ones that work with a color theme (wearing some elements with the same colors). Pick a color palette and combine your clothes as you would do when picking colors to paint your home walls. It is advised not pick a stronger color for just one person (ex: strong red vs pale yellow), as this will automatically make this person the center of attention. Brown and green are not good choices for areas with a lot of green/nature, as blue and sandy tones are not ideal for the beach.

Examples of a few colors that go well together:

  • Navy blue, grey, light blue
  • Teal, pink, lavender
  • Mustard yellow, magenta, brown

If you need to browse for colors, we recommend checking out design-seeds.com .

Your Home Decor is Important for your Photography Session

Another important detail to keep in mind is your home decor. Do you enjoy light, bright or dark colors? These photos will probably be hung on your wall or displayed along furniture – keep that in mind! If you are a fan of neutral colors, make sure your clothing either contrasts or goes along well with them.

Things you should AVOID as they distract in the photos are not as appealing:

  • Fully patterned clothing. Solid works best. Keep patterns at a minimum.
  • ‘Shiny’ or ‘glossy metallic’ type clothing, like satin (this will reflect flash)
  • Logo or cartoon designed tshirts (will look dated quickly)
  • Too much black or all white
  • Extremely bright colors that don’t match
  • Colors that clash or don’t contrast with your skin


Our photoshoot tips for your session – Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer

Don’t forget these also important photshoot tips

We will be walking a lot during our session. Wear comfortable shoes to walk and bring your photo shoes.

  • If you are bringing props, you will need an assistant to help you carry and set them up. Make an appointment with your family or friend.
  • Look at ideas on our website before the session so you can be inspired (a quick search on Pinterest also works great!)
  • Bring a small cloth or napkin to occasionally dry your face. Makeup retouch may be needed, too.
  • If you are worried about clothes getting stained, bring something to sit on so we are not limited in poses


Over all, the most important photoshoot tip for a great shoot – enjoy the day!

We love natural smiles and capturing the true you. Most of our shots will not be posed so laugh and look at each other, walk hand in hand or bring accessories to interact with. If you have a hobbie or something that you love to do together – ride a bike, read books, have a picnic – these are all fun ideas to personalize your shoot and have unique photos.