Fun Wedding at Terra Campestre

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After a cute engagement session and a great coffee date I was looking forward to Edaliana & Erick’s big day. E&E have spent 10 years together and still give each other puppy love looks! The day began capturing the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids (one of them was even one of my past brides) before their traditional ceremony, which took place at Parroquia San Pedro Mártir. It was touching to see the groom tear up as the bride walked down the altar with her grandfather and that as the ceremony progressed, E&E wouldn’t stop smiling. After the sweet toast and first dance, their reception at Terra Campestre was nonstop fun. Everyone quickly joined the bride and groom on the dance floor to enjoy live music, and it was amazing to see their enthusiasm when pleneros and zanqueros (stilt walkers) arrived. Needless to say, Edaliana & Erick’s high spirits made being their wedding photographer an amazing experience!

Vendors List
Wedding dress: Xiomara Rijos
Make up & hair: Roberto Gómez
Coordinator: Ivan Domenech
Decor: Kute Gifts
Cake: Nany’s cakes
Music: Celenia & Indigo
Pleneros: Rumba Bembé
Videographer: Pedro Silva
Venue (Ceremony): Parroquia San Pedro Mártir
Venue (Reception): Terra Campestre Convention Center

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