3 things to know when hiring a wedding photographer

When beginning your search for a wedding photographer in Puerto Rico or anywhere in the world, you’ll find a variety of guides about what you should know or what to ask. I’ll tell it to you like it is: a lot of them aren’t helpful.

Here’s what you really need to know before hiring, from a wedding photographer.

1. That you like their work

Yes, it’s that simple. When you’re beginning your search, you’ll probably end up with a selection of photographers whose work speaks to you the most. Before making your decision, ask them for a full gallery. We all display a selection of our best images in our portfolio and superficially browsing social media won’t give you the idea of what a complete wedding coverage looks like. You want to see what a photographer does from start to finish because that’s what you’ll be receiving. Make sure their nighttime or indoor photos are as appealing to you as their outdoor shots, for example.

2. That you feel comfortable

Do you like your photographer? Often, I have brides that I click with instantaneously and they hire me on the spot (I LOVE YOU ALL), but it’s helpful to setup a phone consult or FaceTime before signing an agreement. You want to get a feel for your photographer’s personality to  know if it’s a good match. Remember the photographer will be with you more than any other vendor throughout the wedding. They’ll be there when you’re getting dressed and dancing away the night; you should feel comfortable with them.

3. They have worked in a similar wedding venue

While it’s ideal for a photographer to have shot at your particular wedding venue, it shouldn’t be a determining factor as long as they have worked under similar conditions. Truthfully, it’s not really possible for a photographer to have shot at every single venue. If you want to be extra sure you can ask your photographer to scout your venue beforehand.

Always follow your heart

Yes, I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true. Trust your instinct. If you feel it’s the one and they check all the boxes: book them!

Wedding Vendors List

For this Wedding at Casa de España

Wedding Planner: Carmen Ríos Events
Music: Eleganzza, Rumba Plena
Venue (Getting ready): Marriot Stellaris
Venue (Ceremony): Parroquia Stella Maris
Venue (Reception): Fraternidad AFDA