Tips for your wedding photos

Making your wedding day special requires a lot of preparation and one of the most important investments is your wedding photography. In the years I’ve worked weddings, I’ve learned several factors can contribute to getting the most out of your photographer. I always discuss these and other tips with my couples (such as Noelia & Jayson whose beautiful session I will be showing off in this blog <3), but I decided to share them for you benefit below:

  • Trust your wedding photographer
    • If you have chosen a professional to capture your day, trust them to create the images you loved when you looked through their portfolio. It’s important to look through various weddings so you can get to know their style and know exactly what to expect. But DO trust your photographer to know what your favorable angle is, the prettiest background and which pose will make you look your best. As a photographer, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to allow yourself to be directed if it’s needed, especially when time is limited (as it usually happens during weddings). Leave it to the pro you invested in!
  • Take a break from Pinterest
    • Yes, I know… Pinterest is full of amazing photos! It’s a great source for you to get inspiration on how to pose. However, when you look through Pinterest, you are looking at images other photographers have created during those weddings for those particular couples. Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own original photos inspire other brides instead of imitating another wedding photo? My best work has always been in the moment, inspired by the couple, the mood, the light. When you look through your phone at the wedding or give a list of photos to replicate, we are all missing spontaneous unique moments that belonged to your wedding.
  • Choose a beautiful location
      • When considering your venue, consider how photogenic it is! If the venue does not have many areas for photos, think of a close by location you can use for the session. Many photographers (myself included) won’t mind making a quick stop or heading out of the premises for a stunning backdrop. Do plan considering parking and transportation logistics. It may be easier to have your driver take you and your photographer!
  • Time it right
    • Don’t rush your session so you can have a larger variety of shots. Ideally, allow at least 30 minutes minimum (excluding transportation) for your newlywed portraits. These will probably be the only moments of your wedding you will share intimately with each other! Not beginning a wedding on time can affect how many images you receive in the end (additionally, it will stress you out). When you plan your wedding, allow additional time in the schedule for anything that may happen. Prepare for the unexpected!
  • Strive for the best light
    • A good photographer will tell you we can work under any lighting circumstance, but there are some hours of the day where light is more favorable. If possible, plan your wedding so your session is closer to the sunset. It will be less hot and besides, who doesn’t want an amazing sunset in their wedding photos?
  • Relax about your appearance 
    • Understand if you want amazing photos outdoors like the ones you’ve seen, it also includes some exposure to humidity (we’re in a tropical island), wind and maybe walking through some dirt, sand or grass. Don’t be concerned that these will ruin your dress or your look. In my years working as a photographer, I’ve never had a bride damage her dress during portraits as it does tend to happen during the dancing/party. A professional stylist and artist should have prepared your makeup and hair to stand against sweat and wind. Keep an open mind and remember your photographer has your best interests at heart. Lift any apprehensions about temporary things, remember your dress will probably end up in the closet or donated but your photos will last a lifetime!
  •  Consider a pre or post session
    • If it’s too much of a time crunch or your reception venue isn’t close to a great location to photograph at, consider having your  portraits before the ceremony or after the wedding day. First looks are becoming more popular each day! You could meet earlier during the day in a gorgeous location and have your photographer document it. Another option is a session planned after the wedding date, as it will allow more flexibility and creativity without the time limit.
  • Be yourself
    • Don’t forget to enjoy the day and never lose focus on what it’s really about: the beginning of your new life together, so smile!

newlywed-session-puerto-rico-wedding-photographer 3
newlywed-session-puerto-rico-wedding-photographer 4