Adorable Wedding Under a Tree

outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 20
When I blogged about Ednovi & Rafael for their Engagement Session, I thought I had seen a couple be as adorable as possible…that is, until I captured their wedding. Ednovi chose La Concha Resort to get ready, which made her bridal portraits shine (literally) with its lovely light filled rooms. If you are familiar with my work, you already know how much I love shooting outdoors. I believe nature always makes the best backdrop, so imagine my fascination as I saw the altar under a majestic old tree. As the wedding march began, Rafael excitedly asked “Is she here? Can I turn to look at her now?” As the bride walked down the aisle with her father, tears of happiness started rolling down the groom’s face. It was hard for me to contain myself as I witnessed this moment which is possibly the sweetest ‘groom reaction’ I’ve ever captured. After a heartfelt ceremony and cute outdoor photos with the newlyweds, E&R had a sweet rustic decor reception. The highlight of the night? The groom singing a lovesong to the bride which brought nearly everyone to tears once again. I could go on and on about their wedding but let’s leave the photos say the rest — it was tough to pick favorites!
outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 1 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 3 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 4 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 5 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 6 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 7 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 8 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 9 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 10 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 11 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 12 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 13 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 14 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 15 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 16 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 17 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 18 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 19 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 21 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 22 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 23 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 24 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 25 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 26 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 27 outdoor-wedding-photos-puerto-rico 28