Vieques Marriage Proposal Photography

Planning a Surprise Proposal in Vieques

Puerto Rico is THE dream destination for a surprise proposal. Vieques has some of the most pristine beaches in the Caribbean and is not as popular as other destinations, making it perfect for a romantic getaway. Ivette and Natalie were going to visit Vieques for the first time and dicussed having their portraits taken together at the beach.  What Natalie didn’t know was that Ivette had added an extra detail to me in private: she was going to propose to Natalie during their photography session in Vieques. It was the perfect plan!

Vieques Beach Engagement Photos

We booked our ferry tickets and made our way from the main island to Vieques island during the early morning. After picking up a jeep, I led Natalie & Ivette to one of my favorite (off the beaten path) beaches for their photos. It was an ideally breezy sunny day and with only 3 other people miles away from us, it felt like we had the beach to ourselves.  Excitement took over and minutes in, Ivette gave Natalie a note and dropped to one knee. Natalie’s reaction was priceless, you just have to see it!