Villa Montaña Beach Resort Wedding

Villa Montaña Beach Resort Wedding - Tamara Maz Photographer

Villa Montaña is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues to photograph weddings because its surroundings are simply gorgeous. Quick access to the beach, flowers, and tall trees — all with a rustic feel.

Destination Wedding at Villa Montaña Beach Resort

Sarah & Peter traveled with their family and friends for their destination wedding in Puerto Rico. Just after a few minutes of meeting Sarah in her room I was already smiling so much!  The bride danced happily as she got ready together with the help of her mother and bridesmaids.

Puerto Rican Beachfront Wedding Ceremony

She and Peter are so meant to be that when I arrived at the altar, the groom was also dancing while waiting for his bride! S&P shared their own written vows at a stunning beachfront ceremony under clear sunny skies.

After the couple’s exit to John William’s epic music, we strolled around the beach and villas to capture newlywed love as the sunset. The night ended after toasts, a first dance choreographed to The Muppet’s song, incredible dinner, and of course a lot of joyful dancing at the venue’s Garden Ballroom.

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