Wedding at Casa de España

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The Bride’s Perspective From Her Wedding at Casa de España

“It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite moment of our wedding because all of it was a dream come true. I could feel my entire body beaming with happiness and it more so showcased with my inability to stop smiling. I love dancing and having a good time so I expected myself to have enjoyed the reception the most, but the ceremony outshines it all. The entire ceremony felt like Gabe and I, us as a couple. I was able to tell my childhood sweetheart, my best friend, how much I loved him in front of all my friends and family. Hearing Gabe’s written vows was the icing on the cake. We included the Arras tradition, incorporating our parents and grandparents.

Our officiant, was our sister-in-law, Genzie, who was there with us on our second date, speaking to us from the heart. We were completely submerged in our loving support network and our theme of ‘Better Together’ could not have felt more alive. “

The Groom’s Perspective From His Wedding at Casa de España

“Looking back, it is hard to say I had a favorite moment. The entire day went by so fast, yet I can still remember almost every minute. The entire day was filled with excitement, nerves, love, and fun. From the first look to the last dance of the night, it was the best day of my life.

Not only being excited about marrying the woman of my dreams, but also seeing the smile on Noelle’s face, and how happy she was, was truly magical. Just her smile alone can make any event into a remarkable, memorable evening. Although the day was about us, seeing everyone enjoy themselves and be in the moment is something that I know Noelle and I will always remember. However, if I had to pick just one part, it would be when Noelle tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around for our first look. The instant I saw Noelle at Casa de España, it felt like the world had stopped. That moment, however brief, is something I will never forget. “

Wedding Vendors List

For this Wedding at Casa de España

Wedding Planner: Merylin Andino
Decor: INTIC
Cake: D’Lights Cakes & Desserts
HMUA: I love makeup and hair too by Didi
Music: Sin Pausa
Venue (Getting ready): Hotel La Concha
Venue (Ceremony & Reception): Casa de España
Venue (Newlywed Portraits): Castillo San Felipe del Morro