Pro-tips with Makeup by Lory

Without a doubt, makeup can make or break a look. How your skin looks has a direct effect on the outcome of your photos, and let’s not forget your confidence during the day!

Top reasons to select a makeup artist:

  • They enhance your natural beauty using the best, long-lasting products
  • Most provide a trial before the big day. You’ll know what to expect
  • It reduces the stress during your getting-ready process

To highlight the importance of a good MUA, I sat down with one of my favorites for today’s Pro-tip Sunday. Meet Lory!

When, how and why did you start your business?

I started my business in 2013, after getting certified, I always loved makeup but it wasn’t until I entered a makeup competition and saw how doing makeup on others helped them with their confidence that I decided I wanted to do this.

As a photographer I know the importance of the bride being ready on time. Up to how much time is needed?

It depends on the final look the Bride is going for, if there will be hair extensions to install, if there needs to be corrective makeup applied before the beauty makeup… but I would say it’s and average of 2-2 and a half hours for h&m on the Bride.

You have an expertise in makeup for dark skin. What would you say is your top recommendation for bridal? What’s a common mistake?

Make sure you pick a makeup artist with pictures of their work on darker skin. Do your research. A common mistake is getting the undertone wrong, it could make them look too red, or too gray.

How can a bride get in touch with you?

They can contact me through my website, any of my social media on FB or IG as @makeupbyloryrms. Also on Wedding Wire where they can read reviews of my services from past brides and customers!