Emotive Wedding at Mayaguez Cathedral & Casa del Médico

After working with Loreine & Wallymar during their Engagement Session, I was excited to capture their wedding. Knowing the bride’s family would be traveling from Mexico for her big day, I was inspired and motivated to create beautiful images for them. When I arrived to the hotel suite, I was fascinated by Loreine’s choice of accessories but more so by how everybody in the room was calm and there was a such a serene, joyful atmosphere. It was especially touching to capture the mother of the bride helping her daughter get ready between tearful smiles in an intimate moment just before we left to the Mayaguez Cathedral. The groom was  nervous waiting for the bride, and the look on his face when she walked down the aisle was definitely pure awe. The ceremony was full of laughter and romantic looks of admiration to each other and their commitment. After a very emotive and traditional catholic ceremony, the couple celebrated with a reception at Casa de Médico (and as you can guess – there was Mariachi involved!).

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