A Guide to Postponing your Wedding due to COVID-19

First: it’s okay to feel like you’re grieving.
None of us expected this situation, and it’s valid to feel frustrated about your wedding.

COVID-19 has brought our lives to a mandatory pause. There’s a lot of uncertainty and it’s overwhelming. Safety is everybody’s main concern and we’re all in this together. Cry it out, take a few days to discuss with your future forever person, breathe & do what you can.

Why you should postpone:

  • Saves you money 

    To put it simply: you won’t lose your deposits. You can move your wedding to a new date and not have to pay deposits to every vendor again.

  • Helps small businesses 

    Think of all the vendors who already were so excited to work with you!

  • Considers your guests

    The bridal party,  all your family and loved ones may have already invested in purchasing their outfits

  • It’s still happening

    When you postpone, you still have a day to look forward to — and extra time to make it happen can mean extra budget for your honeymoon!

You’ve decided you’re postponing. Now what?

1) Pick a new date

Discuss possible dates with your significant other. Pick two different months, and at least two days that could work. Consider at least one date that falls in the less popular alternatives. It’s more likely holiday weekends and Saturday evenings to be already booked. Brunch weddings, weekday weddings (and even Sunday weddings) are uncommon. Be flexible.

2) Reach out to key vendors

You have the dates: contact your wedding planner, venue and photographer first (in that order). These are your key vendors who usually don’t book more than one event per day. Verify their availability for the dates you’ve considered. Select the most convenient one and confirm with the venue.

3) Review your contracts

Make sure to read your vendor’s (florist, cake, music, makeup artist, etc) policies before contacting to reschedule. If you’re unclear, contact them to discuss if they can honor your deposit for your new wedding date.

4) Be patient and empathetic

This is difficult time for all small business owners and we’re willing to help you in any way we can. If your wedding date is a week away, some vendors may have already invested in your event and incurred in costs. If a vendor isn’t available, you can ask them to provide services for a different type of event in the future: anniversary, birthday party, etc. Ask their recommendations for vendors with a similar style.

5) Let your guests know

Write down an e-mail or text ‘template’ letting your guests know about the new wedding date. Ask for your wedding planner’s (or a loved one’s) help with contacting everybody.

6) Look forward to celebrating double!

Finally, it’s all back on track. Have some champagne or treat yourself to your favorite meal, cuddle in and let the stress melt away.