Splendid Old San Juan Wedding

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Old world charm, elegance and beauty are some of the many reasons why Old San Juan is perfect for weddings. After the engagement session with Andreas & Pedro I thought to myself: “I just adore this couple, their wedding is going to be splendid”-and I was right! I first captured both the bride and groom getting ready at a lovely apartment in Old San Juan just steps away from their ceremony venue. They married at the gorgeous Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, the second oldest church in America which dates back to the 1500s. After their traditional catholic ceremony, I shared a few minutes with the happy newlyweds for their session on the surrounding colorful cobblestone streets (which are also my favorites in San Juan). Their reception, held at the neoclassical Casa Olímpica venue, was tastefully decored with shades of gold and pink by Intic. The evening was filled with laughter, tears, anecdotes, toasts and of course: a lot of dancing!

Vendors List
Wedding planner: Momentus Special Events & More
Make up & hair: HairBro
Venue (Ceremony): Catedral de San Juan Bautista
Venue (Reception): Casa Olímpica
Decor: Intic
Cake: C+M Cake Designers
Wedding Dress: Lunss
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boda-en-viejo-san-juan-wedding-puertorico 2
boda-en-viejo-san-juan-wedding-puertorico 3
boda-en-viejo-san-juan-wedding-puertorico 4
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boda-en-viejo-san-juan-wedding-puertorico 6
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boda-en-viejo-san-juan-wedding-puertorico 8
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